Russia-Ukraine War / Vladimir Putin agreed to ceasefire with Ukraine, but kept some big conditions

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 14, 2024, 09:07 PM
Russia-Ukraine War: More than two years have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. There have been large scale casualties of soldiers on both sides and civilians have also died. Along with this, many cities of Ukraine have also been badly destroyed. However, the final result of this war has not come out yet. Meanwhile, now Russian President Vladimir Putin has made such an announcement that everyone in the world is surprised. It is being claimed that Putin has talked about ceasefire with Ukraine. However, along with this he has also added some conditions.

What are Putin's conditions?

According to AP reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he is ready for ceasefire with Ukraine. However, Putin has put a condition that Ukraine should withdraw its army from the occupied areas. Along with this, Putin has also said that Ukraine will have to give up its insistence on joining the NATO Alliance of America and Western countries.

Western countries again take action on Russia

This time the G-7 countries have taken a very tough decision against Russia. According to this, the US and European countries have agreed to keep Russia's banned assets seized until Moscow pays compensation for the attack on Ukraine. This move by the US and Europe has cleared the way for the leaders at the G-7 summit to announce a loan package of US$ 50 billion for Kiev.