India / Nitish government will reward fat belly police man in Bihar know what is condition

Zoom News : Jun 28, 2021, 10:04 AM
Bihar: The saying 'health is wealth' has been going on for a long time. Even if it is not, if the body is healthy then everything is fine, but if it is sick nothing is good. Bihar Police is doing a unique experiment to make policemen aware of health. Along with sports and PT-parade, a weight loss competition will be organized among the heavy policemen. Those who win will also be rewarded.

High blood pressure and diabetes complaints

A haphazard lifestyle feasts on disease. The duty of policemen is such that at times they are neither able to eat nor sleep in time. Because of this, the policemen working in the field for a long time are also falling prey to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Its complaints to the police are increasing. This also increases the risk of other diseases. The Police Headquarters has taken initiative to protect the policemen from illness and keep them fit. A PT-parade and weight loss competition will be organized for the police officers and jawans along with sports.

time will be given to lose weight

In view of the order issued by the Police Headquarters this month, work has been started by many districts. The SP of Rohtas has also issued an order regarding this. At the same time, a competition has also been organized to encourage the policemen to reduce the reason. Overweight in proportion to the length of the policemen were given a time of about one and a half months. Initially, they have to come to the police lines and register their weight along with their name and rank. His weight will be taken again in August. During this, the SP will reward the policemen who come first, second and third in the highest percentage of weight loss.