Bihar / Not 12 but Bihar s elderly got 8 doses of corona vaccine the drawback of CoWIN came to the fore

Zoom News : Jan 13, 2022, 04:59 PM
Bihar | The investigation report of the elderly Brahmadev Mandal, a resident of Madhepura, Bihar, who claimed to have taken 12 doses of vaccine, has come. In the investigation it has been confirmed that he has taken more than two doses. Although he has taken 12 not 8 doses.

He has got all the doses of Kovishild in his district in different months between March last year and January 10 this year. The eight-dose vaccination of a person on the same Aadhaar card and mobile number has also exposed the flaws of the government website Kovin.

The vaccination report of four out of the eight doses administered to 84-year-old Brahmadev, who lives in Puraini police station area of ​​Orai village of Madhepura, is also available with Hindustan Times. According to the vaccine certificate, these vaccines have been taken between 13 March and 7 November 2021.

According to a certificate (beneficiary reference ID 570390402565), Brahmadev Mandal took two doses on the same day on 13 April. In the investigation report, the officer has also expressed surprise that how the certificate was issued even after taking two doses on the same day. Whereas a gap of at least 28 days is mandatory between two doses.