Lok Sabha Election / Omar Abdullah will contest elections from Baramulla – Farooq Abdullah announced

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 04:20 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Jammu and Kashmir's regional party National Conference has declared the names of its 2 candidates. For this, the National Conference held a press conference in Jammu and Kashmir today, in which Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and many big leaders of the party were present. During this, Dr. Farooq Abdullah announced that the National Conference has finalized the names of two candidates. One of whose names is that of former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah.

Farooq Abdullah further said that "Omar Abdullah will contest from North Kashmir i.e. Baramulla and Agha Ruhula will contest from Central Kashmir." Please note that Agha Rouhallah is a Shia leader of National Conference from Srinagar. During the press conference, Omar has also targeted BJP.

'I will get the bail confiscated'

Omar Abdullah said that if BJP claims that it is strong then it should come into the field and field its own candidates and not fight on the basis of puppets. And if I do not get his deposit confiscated in this election, I will leave politics. Regarding Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections, Omar said that this is the decision of the Supreme Court, the PM is not doing any favor to us. It would be a good thing if the assembly elections are announced before the intervention of the Supreme Court. Our MPs are fighting for our people in Parliament and we will continue to fight. Our fight is not with any single person but with the power behind their candidates.

'BJP is full of nepotism'

Omar further said that BJP is not against those families who are related to politics but against those families who are in opposition to BJP. BJP is full of nepotism. Today we are living in emergency. Indira Gandhi had the courage to impose emergency. Today's situation is worse than that, but we cannot make it an emergency. Democracy is in more danger today than during the time of Indira Gandhi. At that time no opposition leader was arrested, but today all the opposition leaders are being sent to jail.

Agha Ruhula also expressed her views.

After the announcement of his name, Agha Ruhula said that I will connect with the sentiments of the people and will also express my feelings to them. Unity is good and I would have been happy if all political parties fought elections together. We can still improve our approach.