World / Pakistani authorities stopped 190 Hindus from going to India

Zoom News : Feb 09, 2023, 12:09 PM
190 Hindus living in Sindh province of Pakistan have been stopped from going to India. According to media reports, the authorities did this because these people allegedly could not give satisfactory answers regarding the purpose of their visit to the neighboring country.

According to the news of 'The Express Tribune', various Hindu families including children and women from many parts of Sindh reached Wagah border on Tuesday. He had a visa and wanted to go to India for pilgrimage. According to the news, the immigration officials of Pakistan did not clear them as they could not give proper reason why they wanted to go to India.

Sources were quoted in the news as saying that Hindu families often take visas in the name of religious pilgrimage and then stay in India for a long time. Right now a large number of Pakistani Hindus are living like nomads in Rajasthan and Delhi.

so many hindus live in pakistan

According to the report of 'Center for Peace and Justice Pakistan', the population of minority Hindu community in Pakistan is 22,10,566, which is 1.18 percent of the total registered population of the country. The registered population of Pakistan is 18,68,90,601.

Most of the Hindu population in Pakistan is poor and their representation in the country's legislative system is negligible. Most of the Hindu population resides in Sindh province, where their culture, traditions and language coincide with those of Muslim residents. They also often complain of harassment by extremists.