Special / People gave a lot of money to a woman and she became a millionaire in a few days the reason is heart touching

Zoom News : Feb 18, 2023, 02:38 PM
Special | You must have seen many stories of the struggle of delivery boys. The internet is full of their stories. Such videos keep coming on social media. But a story from America will make you emotional. An elderly woman who had gone for pizza delivery suddenly fell at the door. He was hurt a lot. Seeing this, a couple felt pity. He picked up the elderly woman and took her for treatment. To help him, he sought people's support. People gave so much money that the woman became a millionaire within a few days.

The man was Kevin Keghron who picked up the woman. She told that when she reached the door of the house, she suddenly collapsed. She was trying to get up. But he could care less. She was trying again and again to save the pizza she had come to deliver. When Kevin went to pick him up, the elderly woman handed him the pizza and said, I am not worried about myself, you take care of it. Then Kevin said, I am not worried about food, I am worried about you.

Helpers lined up

Kevin and his wife Lacey Klein, who live in South Carolina, helped this woman named Barbara Gillespie. Took to the hospital. Got treated. Together, to help them further, a campaign was started on social media GoFundMe. Seeing the line of helpers started. Thousands of people raised their hands. In just a few days more than $250,000 was raised. If seen in Indian Rupees, their cost would be more than two crores.

$250,000 donated

The day before, Kevin and Lacey handed Barbara Gillespie a check for $250,000. Lacey said, "We thought we'd give them a big tip." But we never thought that we would get so much support. More than 14000 people donated. We were thrilled to tell him the very next day how America has rallied together to help him. Gillespie said, I have been delivering pizza for five and a half years but have never received so much love. I used to believe that everyone in the world is mean. But today we have found people who love us and take care of us. who cares for the elderly. I am amazed that strangers have helped me so much. On the other hand, Domino's also thanked Kevin and Lacey who donated generously.