Country / Petrol pump dry no goods in store UK is calling army driver for supply

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2021, 10:45 AM
Have you ever heard that there is such a shortage of drivers in a developed country that the supply of fuel there is destroyed? About two thirds of petrol pumps should dry up their throats? It may sound strange to hear but yes, it is true. This has happened in Britain. There is a shortage of drivers of heavy vehicles in the UK. There are no drivers of vehicles like trucks. So the entire burden has fallen on small supply vehicles and this has a negative impact on fuel supply.

Nearly two thirds of petrol pumps in the UK do not have fuel. In such a situation, a crowd is gathering at the petrol pump to fill fuel in the vehicles. There is a long queue of vehicles outside the petrol pump. There are a large number of such shops where there is a shortage of food items due to lack of supply. There are many departmental stores that do not have goods. People are returning empty handed and where there is goods, people are buying more than necessary due to panic. The situation has become so bad that the UK government is now taking the help of the army to deal with the petrol crisis. Army personnel have been asked to be ready and do this work when needed.

Why such a situation has come, it is understandable that why such a situation has come in a developed and resourceful country like Britain? According to Britain's Office for National Statistics, the number of drivers of heavy vehicles in the country has decreased by 70,000 during the last one year. This shortage of drivers has now reached an explosive level. At present, there is a need for one lakh additional drivers to balance the cycle of demand and supply. Many foreign drivers have left the UK due to the long lockdown and travel restrictions.

According to the information, in the year 2020, driving tests were also reduced throughout the year. Even this led to a shortage of 30,000 drivers of heavy vehicles and 20,000 drivers of heavy vehicles belonging to the European Union also left Britain during the process of Brexit. Most of these drivers have still not returned. The situation has become such that the British government is calling 5000 foreign drivers driving heavy vehicles to Britain for three months on temporary visas. Sending about 10 lakh letters to the license holders of heavy vehicles so that some of those who have left this work can be returned.

Army drivers can be called

It is being told that in view of the seriousness of the situation, the government can also call about 150 tanker drivers of the army for the delivery of petrol. The problem is that the average age of UK drivers is 55 years. Most of the drivers are nearing retirement and only 1% of the drivers are below 25 years of age. An information is also coming out that there is a huge shortage of trained drivers not only in Britain, but also in all other countries of Europe. In the year 2020 itself, there were less than 1 lakh 24 thousand drivers in Poland and 60 thousand drivers in Germany.