Prime Minister Narendra Modi / PM Modi takes a jibe at Instagram reels tells kids how to divert attention from social media

Zoom News : Jan 27, 2023, 01:59 PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' with the students today ahead of the board exams. During this, PM Modi answered almost every question of the children ranging from exam stress, result pressure and time management. During this, PM Modi said that the discussion on the exam is also my exam. Crores of students of the country take my exams and I enjoy it. In 'Pariksha Pe Charcha', PM Modi spoke on a very important issue. He told how children should study by diverting attention from social media. During this, the PM quipped on Instagram reels.

How to read without distraction from social media?

When a child asked how to focus on studies by diverting attention from social media? On this PM Modi said that first of all it has to be decided whether you are smart or a gadget. Sometimes you consider the gadget to be more smart. In India, people spend an average of 6 hours on screen. The PM said that earlier when there was talk time on mobile phones, people used to spend an average of 20 minutes. The PM said that gadgets make us slaves. He said that I am also very active on social media, but I have fixed time for that. Hardly ever seen a mobile in my hand.

PM Modi gave the mantra of 'Digital Fasting'

Use the gadget only according to the need. We are losing our potential because of gadgets. Earlier people used to fast. Now can you do gadget fasting for a few hours a week? The PM urged the students to do technology fasting for a few days a week or a few hours a day? Modi said to do 'digital fasting'.

What did PM Modi say to the children on reels?

During this, the PM took a jibe at the Instagram reels and said that since the screen and the reel have come out of it, once started, are they able to leave? All the children started laughing at this. Prime Minister Modi asked the children whether any of you watch the reel? To this the children replied 'no' in unison. On this the PM said then why are you shy? He asked whether he can get out of the reel again? Modi said that if 6 hours of our creativity goes on the screen then it is a matter of great concern.