Mann Ki Baat / From Savarkar to NTR, PM Modi mentioned these celebrities in Mann Ki Baat

Zoom News : May 28, 2023, 11:56 AM
Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the 101st episode of Mann Ki Baat today. PM Modi said that this episode of Mann Ki Baat is the beginning of the 2nd century. Last month we all have celebrated its special century. Your participation is the biggest strength of this program. At the time of the broadcast of the 100th episode, the whole country was tied in a thread due to a revelation. Whether our scavengers are brothers and sisters or veterans from different sectors, Mann Ki Baat has worked to bring everyone together. The intimacy and affection that all of you have shown for 'Mann Ki Baat' is unprecedented and makes you emotional.

During this, he mentioned many big personalities from Veer Savarkar to NT Rama Rao. Talking about Veer Savarkar, he said that Veer Savarkar's personality was comprised of firmness and magnanimity. His fearless and self-respecting nature did not like the mentality of slavery at all.

Actually today i.e. 28 May is the birth anniversary of Veer Savarkar and NT Rama Rao. Remembering these veterans in Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi paid tribute to them.

Talk on 'One India, Best India'

Prime Minister Modi said that when 'Mann Ki Baat' was broadcast, at that time in different countries of the world, in different time zones, somewhere it was evening and somewhere it was late night, despite this, a large number People took out time to listen to the 100th episode. One such unique effort has been made in the country to give strength to the spirit of Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat. This is the effort of Yuva Sangam.

PM Modi said that there is a lot to see in our country. Keeping this in view, the Ministry of Education has taken an excellent initiative named 'Yuvasangam'. The objective of this initiative is to increase People to People Connect as well as to give an opportunity to the youth of the country to mingle with each other. Higher education institutions of different states have been linked to it. In Yuvasangam, youth go to cities and villages of other states, they get a chance to meet different types of people. In the first round of Yuvasangam, about 1200 youths have visited 22 states of the country.

Prime Minister Modi said that there is so much to know and see in our India that your curiosity will increase every time. I hope that knowing these exciting experiences, you too will definitely be inspired to travel to different parts of the country. A few days ago I was in Hiroshima in Japan. There I got the opportunity to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum. It was an emotional experience. When we cherish the memories of history, it helps the coming generations a lot. Sometimes we get new lessons in the museum and sometimes we get to learn a lot.

He said that International Museum Expo was also organized in India a few days back. In this, the characteristics of more than 1200 museums of the world were shown. We have many such museums of different types in India, which display many aspects related to our past. In the past years too, we have seen new types of museums and memorials being built in India. Ten new museums are being built dedicated to the contribution of tribal brothers and sisters in the freedom struggle.