Lok Sabha Election / PM Modi's big statement - 'Jammu and Kashmir will get back statehood, assembly elections will also be held'

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 02:58 PM
Lok Sabha Election: While addressing the rally in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fiercely attacked the opposition. Criticizing the opposition parties, PM Modi said that they used to say that if 370 is removed, there will be a fire, Jammu and Kashmir will leave us. But the youth of Jammu and Kashmir showed them a mirror. Now see, when they did not work here, the people of Jammu and Kashmir came to know their reality, then these people are now playing the game of spreading confusion among the people of the country outside Jammu and Kashmir. They say that the country did not benefit from the abrogation of Article 370.

Jammu and Kashmir will get back statehood: Modi

Addressing the rally in Udhampur, PM Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir will get back the status of state. The time is not far when assembly elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir also. You will be able to share your dreams with your MLA, your ministers. Within 10 years, Jammu and Kashmir has completely changed. Roads, electricity, water, travel, migration, all these are there. But the biggest thing is that Jammu and Kashmir has changed its mind. Have moved from despair to hope, life is completely full of faith. So much development has taken place here, development is happening everywhere.

Jammu and Kashmir is developing: Modi

The Prime Minister said that now schools are not burnt here, but schools are decorated. Now AIIMS are being built here, IITs are being built, IIMs are being built. Now modern tunnels, modern wide roads, excellent rail travel are becoming the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir. PM Modi said that this election is not just about electing MPs but it is an election to form a strong government in the country and when the government is strong, it performs well even amidst challenges on the ground.

The old people here will remember my speech 10 years ago. This is where I told you to trust me, I will solve the problem of 60 years. Then I had guaranteed the respect of mothers and sisters here, I had guaranteed that the poor would not have to worry about two meals a day. Today lakhs of families of Jammu and Kashmir have the guarantee of free ration for the next five years.

Terrorism, strikes, cross border firing are no more: Modi

PM Modi said that this election is not just to elect MPs, but this election is to form a strong government in the country and when the government is strong, it works even amidst challenges on the ground. . This is the first election after decades, when terrorism, separatism, stone pelting, bandhs, strikes, firing from across the border, these are not election issues. Earlier, whether it was Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra or Amarnath Yatra, there was concern about how to conduct it safely. Today the situation has completely changed.

I have been coming to Jammu and Kashmir for 50 years: Modi

Today, development is taking place in Jammu and Kashmir and trust is also increasing. In 2014, I had come after visiting Mata Vaishno Devi and on this very ground I had given you a guarantee that I will liberate you from what many generations of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered. Today, with your blessings, Modi has fulfilled that guarantee. I have been coming to Udhampur for last many decades. I have been visiting the land of Jammu and Kashmir for the last 5 decades.

Targeted on Congress regarding Shahpur Kandi Dam

PM Modi said that you remember how the weak Congress governments kept the Shahpur Kandi Dam hanging for decades. The fields of the farmers of Jammu were dry, their villages were in darkness. But our rightful Ravi water was going to Pakistan. Modi had given guarantee to the farmers and has fulfilled it also. Thousands of farmers of Kathua and Samba have benefited from this. Not only this, the electricity generated from this dam will illuminate the houses of Jammu and Kashmir.