Country / Preparation for telecast of Doordarshan on mobile without data and internet Prasar Bharati took the initiative

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2021, 12:21 PM
Prasar Bharati has taken a big initiative to make live television broadcasting on mobile without data and internet a reality. Prasar Bharati has entrusted the responsibility of preparing the technical framework for Direct to Mobile Broadcast to IIT Kanpur. If Doordarshan's channels start live broadcast on mobile without data and internet, then India will be only the third country to do so. Right now live TV broadcasting has started on mobile only in the US and South Korea, while its trial is going on in Europe.

IIT Kanpur to study direct to mobile broadcast

The need for direct-to-mobile broadcasting is being felt in view of the ever-increasing trend towards video content on mobile phones. With the launch of 5G mobile technology, this trend of mobile video content is bound to grow exponentially. Through this technology, with India being included in the frontline countries, Doordarshan's live TV broadcasting is set to be taken to a new level. Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar Vempati said that a large segment of the audience is turning to mobile as a tool for video content. Therefore, it is necessary that the message of topics and policies of national importance should also reach the people directly through this platform.

Direct to mobile broadcast broadcast will not stop in extreme circumstances

Through Direct to Mobile Broadcast signal, we can deliver live TV broadcasts to mobile phones without internet data. Its specialty will be that direct to mobile broadcast broadcast will not stop even in the event of a natural calamity or the mobile network is disrupted in extreme circumstances. Expecting its launch in the near future, Vempati said that India will also be the largest market in this segment in terms of market as we are witnessing maximum mobile video content. Prasar Bharati has now decided to close all 1300 relay centers of Doordarshan which have become irrelevant.

Preparations to close 400 relay centers of Doordarshan by March next year

Under the modernization plan of Doordarshan, 900 of these relay centers have already been closed and the remaining 400 relay centers will also be closed by March next year. Since the entire broadcast of Doordarshan channels has gone digital and the era of running TV with antennas of old analog technology is over. That is why by closing these relay centers of big umbrella antenna, the employees there will be used in new works. Vempati said that the big advantage of the closure of relay centers would be that a lot of spectrum would be freed in it and electricity would be saved in crores of rupees annually. However, those relay centers through which FM radio operates will continue to function.