US News / Pride flags banned in US, LGBTQ blow in Muslim-populated city

Zoom News : Jun 18, 2023, 08:24 AM
US News: In a Muslim-led city in America, LGBTQ pride flags were banned from being flown on all government properties. Banned in Hamtramck City. This ban was imposed by the Michigan City Council after months of debate. The Hamtramck City Council voted unanimously on the resolution presented by Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman Mohammad Hassan. This proposal was brought to ban the hoisting of flags with racist and political views.

Hassan and other council members say LGBTQ people and others are welcome in Hamtramck, but they need to respect religious freedom. Supporters of the proposal say the Pride flag appears to conflict with their religion. For this, he argued that the US soldiers have sacrificed for the American flag and not for the Pride flag.

Before voting, Hasan attacked and criticized those who did not respect the views of the people of Hamtramck. He told the critics not to threaten him about this. He is an elected official and working for the people, which is liked by most of the people. It has been reported that the population of the city of Hamtramck has increased by 27 percent from 2010 to 2020. It has the highest percentage of immigrants among Michigan cities and is the only city in the US with an entirely Muslim city council and mayor. About half the city is of either Yemeni or Bangladeshi origin.

15 years of debate on LGBTQ rights

Voting on the resolution is a new step in the 15-year debate on LGBTQ rights in Hamtramck. In 2021, then-Mayor Karen Majewski hoisted the Pride flag outside City Hall. He criticized the challenger Aamer Ghalib. Ghalib has spoken in favor of Hassan's proposal. Ghalib says that we serve everyone equally without any discrimination, but without any partiality. Elections are to be held on three seats of the city council in Hamtramck this year.