Priest kills Girlfriend / Priest fell in love with 'Apsara', killed and buried the body behind the temple

Zoom News : Jun 09, 2023, 04:56 PM
Priest kills Girlfriend: A shocking case has come to light from Hyderabad. Here a priest killed his girlfriend and buried her body behind the temple. It is being told that a priest named Sai Krishna and a girl named Apsara loved each other. The great thing is that the priest Sai Krishna is married and has a child. The case pertains to Narkuda village near Shamshabad in Hyderabad. After the revelation of the murder, Apsara's relatives told the police that Apsara was pregnant. Sai Krishna had also got her aborted. According to relatives, Apsara was pressurizing the priest for marriage. For this reason, Sai Krishna hatched a conspiracy and killed him.

Apsara used to work in private company

Sai Krishna, who worked as a priest, lived in Sharurnagar area. Police said that 30-year-old Apsara, a resident of Narkuda village, used to work in a private company. He also works as a 36-year-old Surya Sai Krishna building contractor, who works as a priest at the Bangaru Maisamma temple in Sharoornagar area.

Police told that Apsara Sai went to a cow shelter in Sultanpally with Krishna and Krishna killed her there. After the murder, Sai Krishna buried the body of Apsara behind the temple. Interestingly, the killer Sai Krishna himself went to the police station and lodged a missing report of Apsara.

The priest confessed his crime in front of the police

After this the police started the investigation and on interrogating Sai Krishna, he confessed to the crime of murder in front of the police. Now the Hyderabad Police has started investigation by converting the missing case into a murder case.