India / Priyanka Gandhi Says The Whole World Saw PM Modi Not Able To Rule

Zoom News : Jun 12, 2021, 09:27 PM
New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the situation arising in the second wave of Corona epidemic. Priyanka Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of behaving like a coward. Priyanka said that for the Prime Minister, not an Indian citizen, but politics is a priority and he is only concerned about his campaign.

As part of her 'Who's Responsible' series questioning the government, Priyanka on Friday tweeted: "The Prime Minister of India behaved like a coward. He broke the trust of the country leaving 139 crore people in the lurch. More than the lives of Indians, he has lost the trust of the country." Politics matters to him. He is more concerned with propaganda than truth. Now is the time for us to ask."

Priyanka claimed that the myth that was spread about the wide capacity of the Prime Minister has been exposed. The Congress leader alleged, "Indians do not come first for the Prime Minister. Politics comes first. He doesn't care about the truth, he only cares about publicity.

Priyanka said that if the Prime Minister had heeded the warnings of experts in time or had acted on the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, there would have been no shortage of beds, oxygen and medicines in the country. He said that crores of doses of life saving medicines were exported without giving due consideration to the lives of Indian citizens.