Kenya Government / Protesters entered the Parliament in Kenya, 10 dead so far, uproar over tax

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 25, 2024, 09:08 PM
Kenya Government: Protesters entered the Parliament on Tuesday in protest against the Finance Bill which increases taxes in Kenya. Here the rioters created a lot of ruckus. They also set fire to a part of the Parliament. Seeing the anger of the protesters, the MPs left the House and fled. Earlier on Monday also, there were many clashes between the security forces and the protesters. So far 10 people have died in these clashes, while more than 50 people were injured.

The government of Kenya has imposed 16 percent VAT on bread and 2.5 percent VAT on motor vehicles. Protesters have come out on the streets in protest against this. On Tuesday, these protesters forcibly entered the Parliament in Nairobi. Here the protesters also set fire to a part of the Parliament building. As soon as the protesters entered the Parliament, all the MPs fled from the House.

People got angry as soon as the bill was passed in the Parliament

On Tuesday, people in Kenya got angry when they got the news that the bill has been presented in the Parliament. After this, the protesters suddenly went out of control and entered the Parliament. Angry people set fire to a part of the Parliament. After this the MPs left from there. Some MPs got stuck among the protesters, so the security personnel took them out.

Clashes between protesters and police

Several clashes took place between the police and the protesters. Thousands of people participated in it. Their demand was that the MPs should vote against a controversial finance bill. These protests have been going on for the last two weeks. However, these protests turned violent on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, several clashes also took place between security personnel and protesters. 10 people are reported dead in this, while more than 50 people have been injured.

Human Rights Commission released video

The Kenya Human Rights Commission on Tuesday shared a video of officers firing on protesters and said that they would be held accountable. The commission addressed President William Ruto on X and wrote, "The world is watching you move towards tyranny! Your government's actions are an attack on democracy. Everyone directly or indirectly involved in the firing should be held responsible."