PUC / PUC certificate which vehicles do not have to take this certificate and why

Zoom News : Oct 13, 2021, 02:17 PM
Pollution Under Control: Strictness on Pollution Control Certificate (PUC) has started increasing across the country just before November. With the onset of cold in November, there is a serious problem of smog in many areas of the country including Delhi-NCR, to prevent this, the government has already increased the strictness on PUC.

The Delhi government has said that vehicle owners should carry a valid 'Pollution Control' Certificate (PUC) to avoid penal action, including suspension of driving license for three months. A public notice issued by the Transport Department said that vehicle owners caught without a valid PUC can be punished with imprisonment of either description for six months or a fine of Rs 10,000 or both.

Change method of PUC certificate

The Ministry of Road Transport has also issued a notification for this. In this, a provision has been added to give invalid slip for getting more pollution from the vehicle for the first time. Under the changes made in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, a new format will also be issued for the same certificate, which will have a QR code. In this, complete information of the vehicle such as registration number, chain number, name of the vehicle owner, its permit etc. will be uploaded.

What is PUC?

The smoke that comes out from the vehicles plying on the road can be harmful to the environment. According to the standards that have been set keeping in mind the environment for this type of pollution, a test is done to confirm that the smoke of your vehicle is causing pollution. Is. The certificate issued after this test is called PUC. It is mandatory for all vehicles having motor or engine in India. Vehicles are regularly screened for polluting substances such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, after which PUC is given.

PUC on new vehicle

When you buy a new car, the PUC is given with it, which is valid for a maximum period of 1 year. After this, you have to get the PUC certificate after getting it checked in the stipulated time. Generally the validity of PUC is 6 months i.e. you should get this test done every six months. Depending on the fuel type of the vehicle, the cost of the PUC test ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 100.

How to do PUC Test

There is a gas analyzer connected to a computer at the center that gives the PUC certificate. Camera and printer are also connected to this computer. Put the gas analyzer in the silencer of the vehicle. The car is kept running. This gas analyzer checks the pollution emanating from the vehicle and sends the data to the computer. A camera takes a photo of the license plate of the vehicle. If the pollution is spreading within the specified radius from the vehicle, then its PUC certificate is issued. There are some differences between petrol and diesel vehicles in the process of checking pollution:

Petrol vehicle: For petrol vehicle, reading is taken only once without pressing the accelerator of the vehicle.

Diesel Vehicles: For diesel vehicles, the vehicle accelerator is fully depressurized and the pollution readings are taken from the smoke. After doing this four to five times, the average is taken out and the final reading is taken.

Important facts about PUC

  • PUC is valid all over the country. Even if you are moving to another city, you do not need to get a new PUC done.
  • PUC certificate is required for any type of motor vehicle, two wheeler, three wheeler or four wheeler.
  • PUC centers are available at all petrol pumps. The garages of automobile companies also have the facility of PUC test.
  • The PUC test can be done by a person who has a minimum valid degree in Motor Mechanic or Automobile Engineering.
  • Know how to do so much repairing in the vehicle, which can reduce the level of pollution, but there should not be any bad effect on the efficiency of the engine of the vehicle.
What information in PUC certificate?

  • Pollution under control certificate has its serial number.
  • The number of the license plate of the vehicle whose PUC test has been done.
  • The date on which the Pollution Under Control Test is conducted is the date.
  • Along with this there is an expiry date of PS PUC certificate.
  • Apart from this, in the UC certificate, it is written about the reading and observation of the test.
  • Which vehicles do not have to take PUC
Which vehicles do not have to take PUC

  • battery powered car
  • e-rickshaw
  • Battery operated scooty/bike