Special / Python elephant fight who will win the battle in jugle will amaze you

Zoom News : Nov 21, 2022, 07:01 PM
Elephant-Python: In today's era, many videos of animal fight are seen on social media. It also includes python and elephant. Many times it is seen that the python swallows other creatures in an instant. But imagine if a python can ever swallow an elephant. It is possible that giant pythons have swallowed an elephant, there are examples of this.

Interesting history of this fight

In fact, according to a report, about forty million years ago, a 35 feet long python had hunted an elephant in Africa and swallowed it. However, then the elephant was not like today. An animal called Moritherium, which did not have a trunk, was similar to an elephant. Many experts associate this animal with the early stages of the evolution of the elephant and believe that such an elephant used to exist earlier.

hunted large animals

However, many such examples have come to the fore before today when the python has made big animals its prey. But there has not been any instance of swallowing an elephant in the recent past. A few years ago, a big python had definitely swallowed an animal named Hyena in Africa, after which more fear had arisen among the people regarding the python.

By the way, even in today's era, many exploits of python come to the fore. Recently, a giant python had swallowed a crocodile. Not only this, a woman was also swallowed by the python, whose pictures came to the fore. The python badly binds the animals like monkey dog ​​and kills them.