India / Radicalisation in jammu and kashmir increased and due to this terror attacks also high

Zoom News : Oct 19, 2021, 06:44 AM
Jammu-kashmir: The agencies are very cautious about the increased terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir in the recent past. According to agencies, radicalization has spread rapidly in the Union Territory. This is also becoming a big problem and the terrorists are getting fertilizer and water. The tremendous spread of Jamaat and Wahhabi ideology is believed to be behind the attack and involvement of untrained people in terrorist activities in a new way. Agencies believe that radicalization has spread in large parts of Kashmir. In order to spread the Wahhabi ideology in the Valley, Pakistan has put in full force in many ways.

Several other radical foreign forces are also behind it. Intelligence inputs are also indicating that the latest challenge in Kashmir is religious fundamentalism along with terrorism. For this, agencies are eyeing the use of various groups having influence in social media as pawns. Jihadi terrorists are targeting common people, minorities and non-Kashmiris in Kashmir. Due to this fear, migrant laborers may be forced to migrate continuously. An official said the last major exodus in the Valley was in January 1990 when jihadi terrorists were selectively killing Kashmiri Pandits. At that time the slogan used to be 'Hum Chahte Nizam-e-Mustafa', 'Relive, Galliv, Chaliv' means change religion, be killed or run away. Sources say that a large part of Kashmir is being affected by religious frenzy.

should not be associated with religion

Kashmir's political analyst Professor Noor Ahmed Baba says that terrorists in Kashmir often kill Muslims too. Therefore, it should not be associated with religion, but former BSF officers say that the reason for this is also religious. These terrorist organizations target non-Muslims as infidels and mushriks. At the same time, Muslims leading a normal life are killed by calling them Munafik or hypocrites.

Brainwashing campaign intensified

After the abrogation of Article 370, the campaign to brainwash the youth has also intensified. The plant of fundamentalism is spreading rapidly in mosques and madrasas. They are run by organizations like Ahle Hadees and Jamaat-e-Islami, who also ideologically support organizations like Lashkar and Jaish.

Terrorists are spreading terror with a new name

Terrorist organizations are spreading terror in Jammu and Kashmir with a new name. The name of the act is coming to the fore after The Resistance Front terrorist organization in the killing of laborers, Kashmiri Pandits and non-Kashmiris. Along with this, security agencies are engaged in digging the horoscope of the terrorist organization United Liberation Front. Terrorist organizations Harkat 313, United Liberation Front and The Resistance Front are currently engaged in spreading panic. Agencies are currently considering them as a revenge form of Lashkar. A top officer associated with the security force said that these new names have been in discussion in Jammu and Kashmir for some time now. The absence of key faces in most cases poses a different challenge to the security forces.