Telangana Elections / Rahul Gandhi made 6 promises to the people of Telangana - many big announcements including loan waiver

Zoom News : Nov 17, 2023, 07:28 PM
Telangana Elections: Voting is to be held in Telangana on 30th November and before that the election campaign has become very heated. Voting for assembly elections has been completed in other 4 states and the campaign here will reach even more extreme levels. Earlier on Friday, while holding rallies and public meetings in the state, he made a big attack on KCR. He said that KCR's government has looted the state and the people in the last ten years. At the same time, he said that AIMIM, BRS and BJP are the same.

The people of Telangana stood with Indira Gandhi – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said, "He has not a political relationship with Telangana but a family relationship. When Indira Gandhiji was in need, the people of Telangana stood with her. That is why our relationship is very old." He said that when there was talk of creating Telangana, Sonia Gandhi ji decided that Telangana would become a state. The Congress leader said that Congress had not created Telangana for one family, but today one family is sitting with all the wealth of Telangana. Your CM took billions of rupees from you for many schemes like Kaleshwaram Project, Dharani Portal. But nothing worked.

Attacking Chief Minister KCR, he said that the school-college he studied in, the road on which you walk, was built by Congress. This was not done by the Congress Party alone but with the power of the youth of Telangana. The Hyderabad from which you stole for 10 years was made the IT capital of the world by Congress. KCR has established the rule of a family in Telangana, but here we want the rule of backward classes, Dalits and tribals. Therefore, we are increasing the reservation in local bodies to 42%.

Whereas Rahul Gandhi promised the people of Telangana that we are going to put the amount of money that KCR has stolen from Telangana into the pockets of the poor. Congress has made many big promises including loan waiver of Rs 2 lakh to farmers.

  • ₹2500/month for women
  • ₹15,000/year to farmers
  • ₹5 lakh to build a house
  • 200 units free electricity
  • ₹5 lakh to college students
  • ₹4,000 monthly pension
Apart from this, farmers' loan of Rs 2 lakh will be waived off and OBC reservation in local bodies will increase from 23% to 42%.