Rajasthan Politics / Rahul Kaswan's taunt on Rathore - He was considering himself as CM, he was buried under his own weight

Vikrant Shekhawat : Mar 19, 2024, 10:00 AM
Rajasthan Politics: Former BJP MP and Congress Lok Sabha candidate from Churu, Rahul Kaswan, after leaving the party, is now attacking former Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore. In the conversation, without taking Rathod's name, Kaswan said - he was crushed by his own weight in the elections. He was calling himself the Chief Minister. Changed seats myself, distributed tickets myself. When they lose, they blame others. Let him tell you one big task for Churu in his entire political life. Built a bridge, that too broke, it will have to be dismantled.

Kaswan said- Those people who used abusive words about Vasundhara Raje in public meetings were given state leadership positions.

Question: Your family kept fighting against Congress for four decades. Once the tickets were issued, they joined the opposition party, what caused such a situation suddenly?

Rahul Kaswan: Circumstances were created by a particular person and some people. They were doing good work, the public never complained. I kept getting blessings from the public again and again.

There is some personal ego of that particular person, who for 15 years, sometimes my father and sometimes me, was insisting that I should not get the ticket.

You should ask him whether he saw political competition or what were the compulsions in his life.

In view of these circumstances I had to take a decision. I joined Congress after listening to the voice of the people of Churu Lok Sabha constituency.

My people told me that if you accept defeat from one person, what will happen to the rest? I listened to the voice of my people and came to Congress.

Question: The day you joined, State President Dotasara said that you were tortured because you were a farmer's son. If you were really being tortured then why didn't you raise your voice?

Rahul Kaswan: What about torture, it was suffocation. No one was listening. 15 years is a long time, it is not a matter of one day.

Father's career was progressing so you asked him to cancel the ticket. At that time there were strong people sitting in the party, so they gave me a chance.

While we were moving forward, we were doing good work in Churu. Brought highway and new train to Churu. Seeing all this, he must have been puzzled as to why so much work was being done, because nothing was achieved by it.

In such a long political career, if we count any one big work except Nature Park, even if there was a state policy in it, it was done. A bridge was built, it also broke, it will have to be dismantled.

Such people do not like the youth of the emerging farmer community who carry out development work. That was their irritation that they were chasing us for 15 years.

Question: You are not taking names, just take names openly, towards whom are you pointing?

Rahul Kaswan: You should take the name, they themselves know it. He has said bad things about me a thousand times. I have come to such a situation that I have to speak.

I never spoke before. Nor did I ever say that cancel their ticket, I have to contest elections from here. I was not in any competition, my competition was only with myself that I had to make Churu number one in development.

Question: Are you referring to former leader of opposition Rathore? After the defeat in the assembly elections, he had accused AAP of defamation, this is also being said to be the reason for denying the ticket.

Rahul Kaswan: If you go from Jaipur to Ganganagar highway, there is only one MLA of BJP in 500 kilometers. Who distributed the tickets, who was making the panel? At whose house was there a line of claimants?

You were distributing tickets. You are changing your seat. No one said, he himself imposed veto power that he will change the seat.

From the District President to the General Secretary, you are making the entire team of the district. As an MP, you never even discussed this matter with me.

On the day when I was going to fill the form, I got a call at 8:30 in the morning saying that I am going to enroll, you also come. I asked him whether he was giving information or calling, there was no answer. I left my Bhadra program midway and reached there.

He did not say even for a single day during the elections that he has to campaign, there is a tour programme. I went to Sardarshahar, Nohar, Rajgarh, Bhadra for campaigning.

Question: Then what do you think was the reason for Rathod's defeat?

Rahul Kaswan: The public understands everything. You were very proud of yourself that everything would be managed, no person was needed.

The credit for making the entire election at that time caste based also goes to him. Such an atmosphere was created in the entire Churu Lok Sabha that elections were held on the basis of castes.

If the result comes negative then they are trying to put the blame on others. The truth is that he was crushed by his own weight in his election.

Tried to create the perception that I am the Chief Minister. I will go to do everything. People have ignored that perception.

People have voted against him. They should accept this. Nothing is achieved by blaming others.

Question: The allegation is that you could not tolerate the player, the son of a farmer who made his mark through hard work, and left the party?

Rahul Kaswan: He is an international player, it is true. Where did I oppose them? My aim is not to find out who made the replacement, the ticket is not an issue at all, it is not a big issue.

Our family has contested elections for 47 years. Independents have contested six elections. First the party said that they will not give two tickets from one family, so we did not even agree and gave up the seat.

Shekhawat Saheb had told my father in 1999-2000 that MP Saheb! You don't have to contest this election, Satish Poonia had fought. We had given up our seats. This was not the issue.

Question: Then what was the resentment about?

Rahul Kaswan: The method of cutting tickets is wrong. A man claimed that he would not let me take the ticket. I have got the ticket canceled, that is the issue.

Nothing is going to be achieved by twisting the topic. Tell the truth, why are you afraid? Why are you shy? If the party had ever said that this time we will not give you a ticket but will replace you, I would not have even said 'uff'.

We have given up the ticket in one stroke in our 47 years of political career. The method adopted this time is the issue.

Question: Is the reason for changing party only due to differences with Rajendra Rathore and personal ego? Would you have given up your seat if the party had asked?

Rahul Kaswan: During the time of Vasundhara Raje, Shekhawat Saheb, if there was any issue, it was resolved. Today the time has come such that there is no communication.

It is the responsibility of the President to solve any problem faced by the BJP workers in the state.

Now there is no communication, you are working in your field, I am taking a meeting on one date and the next day I find out that there is no ticket.

The people of the person who is claiming to get my ticket canceled are burning crackers. Our public at large was being tortured with those things.

Those things create suffocation, this causes anger among the people. Have listened to the public's thoughts. He wanted to contest elections.