Bollywood / Ramayan Ravana fame Arvind trivedi throwback story amid Adipurush Saif Ali Khan controversy

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2022, 10:11 PM
Bollywood | Saif Ali Khan's Ravana avatar in 'Adipurush' has created a lot of ruckus. Hindu organizations and BJP objected to his looks and the film's ban is being demanded. Anger is also being seen on social media since the teaser came out. The characters of the film are being compared to Ramanand Sagar's 'Ramayana'. Every artist of 'Ramayana' aired in the 80s gave his whole life. This is the reason that till date the actors seen in the serial are known only by their characters. Arvind Trivedi became popular from house to house by playing the role of Ravana, but you will be surprised to know that he was not the first choice for Ramanand Sagar.

I got the role of Ravana like this

Arvind Trivedi was a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh and he worked more in Gujarati films. When he came to know that Ramanand Sagar is making 'Ramayana', he reached Mumbai for audition from Gujarat. He even auditioned for the role of Kewat. Everyone wanted Amrish Puri to be cast for the role of Ravana. Arvind Trivedi auditioned for the role of Kevat. When he started coming out, seeing the body language and attitude, Ramanand Sagar gave him the role of Ravana.

Heavy jewelery and clothing

It took hard work to get into the role of Ravana. He used to start getting ready 5 hours before the shooting. From his jewelery to clothes, the weight of his clothes used to be several kilos. His crown used to be of ten kilos.

used to fast while shooting

Arvind himself was also a devotee of Ram and a devotee of Shiva. When he used to go for shooting, he used to fast for the whole day. After finishing the shooting, he used to break his fast at night. He used to regret the fact that because of the script he had to use bitter words for Lord Rama.

died at the age of 82

Arvind Trivedi also came into the limelight when 'Ramayana' was telecast again on TV during the Corona period. He created his own social media page so that he can interact with the fans. Arvind Trivedi passed away on 6 October last year. He was 82 years old.