World / Redouble control in Europe: WHO after new COVID-19 strain found in UK

Zoom News : Dec 21, 2020, 08:01 AM
Geneva: World Health Organisation has appealed its members in Europe to take strong measures against the new strain of coronavirus circulating in UK. Outside, 9 cases caused due to the new COVID-19 strain have been detected in Denmark. One case has been found in the Netherlands while another has been found in Australia.

"Across Europe, where transmission is intense and widespread, countries need to redouble their control and prevention approaches," a spokeswoman for WHO Europe said.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday that the new coronavirus was "out of control". UK has announced Tier-4 lockdown in the country.

Meanwhile, several European countries such as Belgium and Germany are imposing travel bans on all the incoming flights from the UK and South Africa to make sure the new variant does not get transmitted to their countries.