China Banned Movie / Repressive attitude of Chinese government, this film suddenly disappeared from cinema hall and OTT

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2022, 12:22 PM
China Banned Movie: How the government controls the media and other government institutions in China is not hidden from anyone. From time to time the dictatorial attitude of the government there keeps coming to the fore. Once again the repressive attitude of the Chinese government is being seen recently regarding a film. In fact, here a Chinese film depicting a love story in rural China has been removed from all streaming services in the country just weeks after its release. Discussions on social media about this film named 'Return to Dust' have also been censored.

Nationalists criticized the film

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. It featured realistic depictions of life in rural China and was well received, but nationalists other than the Chinese government believe that the film portrayed China negatively. Such people also criticized the film fiercely. Now suddenly the film has been disappeared from every platform.

People's displeasure over the action on the film

After the sudden disappearance of the film, people are angry about it and they are fiercely criticizing this move. The decision comes as China's ruling Communist Party is preparing itself for its five-year Congress, which is set to begin on October 16. In this, Xi Jinping is preparing to secure a third term.

what is in this movie

The film revolves around a couple living in a rural area of ​​China, who fall in love with each other after their arranged marriage. Both overcome many difficulties targeted for development in the village. This film was getting good response at the box office. Last month, the ending of the film was also changed after some objections and now the film has finally been removed from the theatres.