Special / Restaurant bill from 1985 price of shahi paneer and dal makhani was to low goes viral

Zoom News : Nov 20, 2022, 03:57 PM
Restaurant Bill From 1985: When we go out to eat on holidays or in case of eating out with a guest, it is our endeavor to have tasty and nutritious food. Such work used to happen in the olden days also. These days a picture is going viral on social media in which the details of a hotel bill have been printed. This is from the year 1985 and it is visible that what was their cost then.

How much did they cost then?

Actually, this yellow colored bill is going viral on social media. It is visible in this that this bill is of the year 1985. Shahi paneer, dal makhani, raita and roti have been ordered in the bill. The rate list of these things has also been written. Looking at it, it seems that at that time Shahi Paneer was available only for Rs.8, while Daal Makhani and Raita were available for just Rs.5.

Service charge also included in the bill

Not only this, apart from this, the cost of roti was only 70 paise. It is visible in this that in total this entire bill is 26 rupees 30 paise. The interesting thing is that a service charge of Rs 2 is also attached to it. This means that it is a bill for a nice restaurant. As soon as this bill went viral, people started guessing what was the cost of food in those days.

compare today's price

As soon as it went viral, people started comparing it with today's price. On the one hand, where in 1985 the price of Shahi Paneer was Rs.8, whereas today its price has increased a lot. The prices of different hotels are definitely different, but they have increased manifold. At present, this old bill is going viral.