Lifestyle / Risk of deafness is increasing in Corona Cured Patients, 15 patients found in Delhi

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2021, 10:58 PM
New Delhi: Have you suddenly started hearing less? Are you whistling in your ears? If you have recently recovered from Coronavirus, then you should read this carefully. Hearing loss is occurring in many patients recovering from the corona virus and in some people, the disease has become untreatable. That is, you will not be able to hear like before. So far 15 such patients have come to the ENT department of the same government hospital in Delhi.

deafness due to corona

Delhi-based doctor Saurabh Narayan came under the grip of corona virus last year. Due to this, he had to spend 21 days in the ICU of a private hospital, after which he recovered. However, since then they are no longer heard as before. But they understood this thing so late that now they cannot be treated without Hearing Aid, that is, they will never be able to hear properly as before. He has almost lost his hearing in the right ear.

15 patients found in 2 months in Delhi

If we look at the figures, in the last 2 months, 15 such patients have come to the Ambedkar Hospital in the capital Delhi, who have either pain in their ears or their hearing has become very less. All these patients are recovered patients from corona virus disease. In most of the cases, patients are reaching the doctor so late that the time to restore their hearing, that is, the time for timely treatment, has passed.

If this happens, treatment is necessary in 72 hours.

ENT specialist at Ambedkar Hospital Dr. Pankaj Kumar told that, if there is pain in your ear, you feel heaviness in the ear, whistling or you feel that you are hearing less, then it is very important to visit the doctor within 72 hours. Initially this hearing loss can be stopped with medicines. But if more time passes then recovery is not possible.