World / Russia released the list of enemy countries! These 31 countries are included

Zoom News : Mar 07, 2022, 06:43 PM
Russia has taken a big decision in the midst of the war with Ukraine. Apart from Ukraine, Russia's enmity with the countries of the European Union is well known. Now a list of 4 more such countries has been issued by Russia which it considers its enemy. Such a claim has been made by the Chinese media.

EU countries included

China's CGTN tweeted that a list of enemy countries has been issued by Russia. Apart from Ukraine, the names of America, Britain and Japan are also included in this list. Apart from this, all the 27 member countries of the EU have also been given a place in this list. America and Britain are constantly angry with Russia over the attack on Ukraine.

Russia has imposed sanctions

Canada's name is also in this list. Along with EU members, Switzerland, Alberia, Iceland, Norway, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan have also been put in the list of non-friendly countries. These are all countries that have imposed some kind of sanctions on Russia against the start of war with Ukraine.

Monday is the 12th day of the war between Ukraine and Russia and the battle between the two countries has taken a more terrifying form. A mayor has been killed in a Russian attack in Ukraine and an airport was destroyed in a missile attack on Sunday. On the other hand, many NATO countries including America have agreed to give arms and money to Ukraine to fight with Russia. It is believed that soon America can also provide the help of fighter jets.