Special / Saas Sasur Video: Mother in law father in law did dirty job to welcome groom

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 17, 2023, 10:56 AM
Groom Smoking Cigarette: India is a country of culture and traditions which are being followed since ages. Different parts of India have different traditions for different occasions. Meanwhile, a video of a groom's mother-in-law being welcomed with beedis and paan has gone viral on the internet. While many pointed out that it was an ancient tradition that is being followed in some parts, others mentioned that such rituals should be stopped immediately. After watching the video, people started wondering how the mother-in-law got ready to do all this.

Mother-in-law made son-in-law drink cigarette

The video shared on Instagram begins with a groom sitting on a sofa. Later, his mother-in-law puts a cigarette in his mouth while his father-in-law lights a cigarette. However, as seen in the video, the groom does not smoke it and later the father-in-law again takes it from his mouth. As per the ritual, the groom gives some money to both of them. Now, the video is going viral with different people talking about the tradition. While the exact location of the incident was not immediately known, several people pointed out that the ritual was from Gujarat.

People gave such reactions after watching the video

One user wrote, "If you are getting married according to Hindu rituals, please don't forget your rituals. If you want to be more trendy, please don't use Hindu rituals." Another user wrote, "This is complete nonsense. Smoking causes cancer and they are doing this just to get attention on social media." However, many people pointed out that this tradition is followed in other parts of India as well. One user wrote, "In Odisha Old tradition." While another user wrote, "Yes in Bihar also we give paan-cigarettes to the groom's family."