Special / Scientists buried white underwear for testing of soil

Zoom News : Apr 17, 2021, 03:09 PM
Geneva: If someone tells you that a cloth has to be pressed under the ground. You ask, what will happen to him? Is not it? But in Switzerland, not one, two, ten or twenty, but two thousand underwear are being buried in the ground. And this is being done after what scientists say.

Soil investigation in switzerland

Yes, two thousand underwear are being buried in soil at the behest of scientists to check soil quality in Switzerland. In this, they have taken the help of the owners of the fields and orchards. Indeed, such an investigation is being carried out by the research institute Agroscope of Switzerland, in which people are sending two pairs of underwear for burial in the soil.

There will be photography

The agroscope would later remove these underachievers. He will get his photography done and after his investigation, it will give the data that where the particular underwear was buried in the ground, how fertile the land is.

Soil testing is the only goal

Scientists will keep an eye on what happened to that cloth after being stuck inside the ground for so long. Did the clothes get attacked by bacteria or other small bacteria? How much cloth was destroyed in it. If the cloth would have been more destroyed, it means that the land there is fertile and there are enough elements in that soil.

Digital investigation will be done

According to the information provided by Agroscope, farmers and gardeners involved in this experiment will also press tea bags into the soil. So that both of them can be compared. Scientists will also take soil samples with them. During this time, these underwear will remain buried in the soil for about a month. And after that they will also be digitally analyzed.