Swati Maliwal Case / SIT interrogated CM staff and security personnel, CCTV DVR sent to FSL

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 21, 2024, 11:37 AM
Swati Maliwal Case: Police investigation has intensified in the case of assault on Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal. A special investigation team (SIT) has been formed for this. Additional DCP (North) Anjita Chepyala will head the SIT. After the formation of the SIT, the team also recorded the statements of the CM staff. Let us tell you that Swati Maliwal has accused CM Arvind Kejriwal's PA of assault. She says that she was assaulted at the CM residence when she had gone to meet the CM.

Electronic gadgets also seized

Now, as part of the investigation into Swati Maliwal's allegations, the SIT has recorded the statements of the CM staff. Apart from this, the statements of CM Security have also been recorded. The SIT has also interrogated the security personnel seen in the mobile video. The police team also reached the house of accused Bibhav Kumar and seized some electronic gadgets from here. Apart from this, the DVR of CCTV seized from CM House has been sent to FSL for investigation. Let us tell you that even before this, the Delhi Police team had seized CCTV DVR and other items from the CM residence.

Two videos surfaced

Actually, two videos have surfaced in the case of assault on Swati Maliwal. The first video is from inside the CM residence, in which an altercation is taking place between Swati Maliwal and the security of the CM residence. Apart from this, another video has also surfaced. This video is said to be from the gate of CM residence, in which security personnel are seen taking Swati Maliwal out. In the second video, she can also be heard saying that Swati Maliwal is pulling out fine and she is not injured anywhere. However, the police team is now also examining the CCTV footage.