Swati Maliwal Case / Why did Swati Maliwal start crying in Delhi court? Then I remained silent and listened to the proceedings

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 27, 2024, 12:30 PM
Swati Maliwal Case: Hearing in Swati Maliwal case is going on in Tis Hazari Court of Delhi. This hearing is being held on the bail plea of accused Bibhav Kumar. During this, the video was also shown in the court, in which Swati Maliwal is coming out of the CM House.   When this video was played in the court, Swati was also present in the court. During this, tears welled up in Swati's eyes and she started crying. However, later she remained silent and started listening to the proceedings. Let us tell you that Swati Maliwal has accused Kejriwal's close aide Bibhav Kumar of assault in the CM House. Swati case is being heard in court room number 119.

Swati Maliwal cried in the court

Let us tell you that when the hearing was taking place in the court, Swati Maliwal was present in the court room. During this time, when the video of Swati Maliwal leaving the residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was being shown to the judge in the court and Vibhav's lawyer was telling the judge about the FIR, Swati Maliwal had tears in her eyes. During this time, Swati Maliwal started crying in the court room itself and then started silently listening to the proceedings.

Will not resign from Rajya Sabha post: Swati Maliwal

Let us tell you that after the allegations against Vibhav Kumar and his arrest, various types of allegations were being made against Swati Maliwal by the Aam Aadmi Party. Meanwhile, questions were also being raised whether Swati Maliwal would resign from the post of Rajya Sabha MP. It was also discussed that if Swati Maliwal resigns from her post, then Aam Aadmi Party can send Abhishek Manu Singhvi to Rajya Sabha in her place. Recently, in an interview given to news agency ANI, Swati Maliwal said that I have no desire to remain an MP.

Swati Maliwal said- I will prove myself as an ideal MP

She said that if he had spoken to me lovingly, I would have resigned under any circumstances, I have no problem. I don't feel bound to any position. I feel that I have done a lot of work and I can do the work even without the post. She said that the way they have beaten and beat me, now no matter how powerful any power in the world may be, I am not going to resign under any circumstances. I am coming to know, I am being told that because of this my character is being assassinated. I am not going to resign at all. I am one of the young MPs in Parliament. I will work very hard and show what an ideal MP looks like.

What did Delhi Police say in the court?

Delhi Police said that the woman was beaten in such a way that even the buttons of her clothes were broken. Delhi Police said that she (Swati) is a sitting member of Parliament, has been the chairperson of DCW. The party chief, whose house Swati Maliwal had visited, called her Lady Singham. 

Delhi Police asked whether they will tarnish the image of a person who is not even a permanent employee! Everyone knows whose image an attempt was made to tarnish. Delhi Police said whose permission is needed to visit the party chief's place...Bibhav? Delhi Police said that on the contrary, this is a case of a thief scolding the policeman.