Lok Sabha Election / So will you give it to the desert also… PM Modi's counterattack on Katchatheevu

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 12:00 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hit back at the remarks of Congress leader Digvijay Singh regarding Katchatheevu Island. Addressing a public meeting in Karauli, Rajasthan, PM Modi said that Congress had given Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka. Congress is shamelessly justifying this anti-national act. Just yesterday a big Congress leader said that does anyone live on Katchatheevu? If it doesn't last then what will you give? This is how serving the country is? This is their mentality. For them, the empty part of the country is just a piece of land.

PM Modi said then what about the desert? If no one lives here, will you give this also? The Prime Minister said that tomorrow, after seeing this vacant land of Rajasthan, he will also say that give it to someone. He said that not only the history of Congress is dangerous but its intentions are also dangerous. Let us tell you that regarding Kachchativu island, Digvijay Singh had said, 'Does anyone live on Kachchativu island, I want to ask'.

Congress cut off a part of Maa Bharati

Let us tell you that PM Modi had recently attacked Congress and DMK regarding Katchatheevu island. He had said that when the country got independence, we had the Katchatheevu island but the people of Congress and Indi Alliance cut a part of Maa Bharati and separated it from India. The country is still paying the price for Congress's attitude. Let us tell you that in 1974, India and Sri Lanka had signed a maritime agreement, in which Katchatheevu Island was given to Sri Lanka.

Congress is opposed to both development and heritage.

Prime Minister Modi said that Congress is opposed to both development and heritage. Congress raised questions on the existence of Lord Ram, opposed the Ram temple, created as many obstacles as it wanted. Even after this, he received an invitation for consecration, but Congress boycotted that too. PM Modi said that his partner party in the Indi alliance talks about destroying Sanatan and these Congress people tacitly support them. The Prime Minister said that every moment of mine is for the country to fulfill the dream of a developed India. He said that Modi was not born to relax. Modi works hard because Modi's goals are very big.