Viral News / Study: Man moving towards global end, life will be hell in 19 years

Zoom News : Jul 22, 2021, 06:29 AM
The person is running on the right path to eliminate the world. Only 19 years later, the life of humans will be hell in 2040. This claim is being done in 1972 after analyzing a report again. Because humans are constantly running away from their global responsibilities. Let's know why human life has been said to make humans' life. This is why it has been said that humans are moving towards global account.

In 1972 a book was printed The Limits to Growth (The Limits to Growth) In this, scientists of the Massacheset Institute of Technology had claimed that industrial civilization continues towards economic development at all costs, one day governments will fall. Cooperation will end. Because of this, there can be 12 potential horrific situations in the future, which will not be beneficial for any human, community or country.

One of the 12 potential dangerous situations stated in this report was that the economic development of the world will be increasingly till 2040. It will remain on your peak. After that it will fall down fast. Along with this the global population will be reduced. There will be a lack of food. Also, there will be heavy shortage of natural resources. It was called Business Age Usual (Business As Usual - Bau).

Without this global decline, the breed of humans will not end, but without money, without eating and without natural resources, their life will be hell. Standard of Living will fall all over the world. Now to confirm this and in the current circumstances, to know this in the future, MIT's Sustainability and Dynamic System Analysis Researcher Gary Harrington again analyzed this report according to today. The report has been published in Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Gary has been graduate from Harvard University last year. They are doing the Analysis of the Limits to Growth (The Limits to Growth) with today's Real World Data. Gary has noticed 10 factors in this analysis. There are major populations, reproduction rates, pollution levels, food production and industrial output. He saw that the results of this analysis are very similar to the proposed BAU Seniero in 1972. However, there is a possibility to get a concession.

Gary said that a Senirio was told in the report, which was called Comprehensive Technology (CT). That is, technically so much development can be done that pollution can be reduced and the production of food materials can be increased. So that there is a lack of natural resources, then there is no shortage of food. But it causes a growing global population and a sense of personal welfare.

The reason behind this is that when there will be a lack of natural resources, economic growth will fall towards the bottom. That is, today's industrial civilization will be rapidly collapse. Gary says that after about 10 years from today, Bau and CT will begin to obstruct the development of Senirio. These will stop. That is, no concept of continuous development will not be completed. This will cause damage to humans.

Gary said that at the moment the good news is that it has not been too late. To avoid these two circumstances, human society will have to work in the right direction and condition. Its option - Stablilized World Scenario (StablILized World Scenario) i.e. Stable World Condition In this situation, population, pollution, economic development will increase but natural resources will gradually reduce. It will benefit from that as soon as there is a shortage of natural resources, you restrict or limit the rest.

If the Stabilized World Seniero runs with technical development, then it will change the priorities of global society. Gary said that people have to work on their values. Policies will be made. The family will have to keep small. Want and need to reduce the needs. Birth rate must be controlled. Industrial output must be limited, health and education must be run priority. This will cost natural resources in a limited way. Then the earth will survive, it will survive human and his country.

Look at the graph of Stablilized World Scenario, it shows that even after 20 years, food content will be according to the global population. Pollution will be low. The lack of natural resources will be stable. Social account will be saved. It looks a fictional situation because the amount of carbon dioxide will have increased too much. But if this is done according to the seniro, then it will also be less.

Gary said how human has seen unity globally. In the time of Kovid-19, when the vaccine came to develop and reaching the whole world, humans showed unity. Community and global responsibility has been played. Similarly, if every country's person tries to end the climate problem together, then anything is possible. We can improve our future at any time.

Gary Harrington says that it is not too late. If a person limited his population, pollution, natural resources and speed of industrial development, he can be safe even after 20 years. It is important for that humanity decide its limit. Or make a limit by reaching a point. So that the spirit of human welfare was not able to end.