WTC Final / Team India is not defeated yet, will win the Oval Fort, Australia's work will be done in the WTC Final!

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2023, 08:53 AM
WTC Final: Chasing a target of more than 400 runs in Test cricket is almost impossible, that too when the team has only one and a half day's time. This has happened only four times in Test cricket so far. There is a situation in the final of the ICC World Test Championship with India. Australia has set a target of 444 runs in front of India in the final match. By the end of the fourth day's play, India has scored 164 runs losing three wickets. That is, India needs 280 runs on the last day to win. Seven wickets left after that. Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are at the crease. Now the question is, can India win the Test match from here?

The way Kohli and Rahane batted, it seems that both are in good rhythm. Till the end of the fourth day's play, Kohli is playing on 44 and Rahane on 20 runs. Rahane scored 89 runs in the first innings. While batting together, Kohli and Rahane have won many matches for India in the past as well.

Reliance on Kohli and Rahane

If Kohli and Rahane stick around and are able to bat the way they do, then there is no doubt that problems will increase for Australia. Anyway, Kohli is the batsman who does not give up. When Kohli took over the captaincy of the Test team, he had made his intention clear that he wanted to play for victory. Even under his captaincy, the same style was seen in the team which is still there. Kohli himself is currently at the crease and this is the best opportunity for him to win the team by presenting an example of his aggression. The aggression for which Kohli has also faced criticism many times.

Rahane is a person of calm nature, but this batsman knows how to stay on the wicket and score runs. The world has seen in the first innings that Rahane knows how to score ticking runs on the wicket. At one end, Kohli has the power to aggressively snatch victory from Australia, while at the other end, Rahane can score runs while doing his job. India's victory is largely dependent on this pair and both of them have the power to get the team out in such a situation.

There is power even in the lower order

If India's batting is seen then it is deep. Till number-8, he has Shardul Thakur who scored a half-century in the first innings and shared a partnership with Rahane. After Kohli and Rahane, India has Ravindra Jadeja, KS Bharat, Thakur who can bat. Bharat has not yet shown his batting prowess in Tests. But he has done well in domestic cricket. His average in the first class is 37.27. He has scored nine centuries and 27 half-centuries. Everyone is aware of Jadeja's batting. If needed, Jadeja can do the work that Rishabh Pant does.

The innings that Pant played in Gaba and Sydney became the reason for India's victory. Australia was in front at that time also. This time also it is the same team and Jadeja has the power that if there is a need to score fast runs in the end, he can show that avatar with his bat. Thakur also has the power to do this work.

What will happen to Australian bowling?

India has told on the tour of Australia in 2021 that it is not a team to give up. Team India had won a surprising victory in Sydney and Gaba. Those two wins will be an inspiration for Team India that the match can still be won. As far as Australia is concerned, of course they have the best fast bowling attack but seeing the bowling of the fourth day, it seems that they are not in their rhythm yet. From the fourth day the wicket is also slowing down and then the chances of the fast bowlers getting more help are less.

Here off-spinner Nathan Lyon can become a headache for India. Dealing with Lion can be a challenge for India but it is not that Team India cannot overcome them. If Kohli and Rahane survive and the match is left till the end, then it will not take time for the Lions to break their spirits and lose their rhythm.

Team needs to win

After the end of the fourth day's play, only one thing has happened in the dressing room of Team India. If Mohammed Shami is to be believed, there has only been talk of winning this match in Team India's camp. The thing has happened that how can the match be won from here. If the match is also a draw, then the trophy will be shared. But Team India will try its best to win because it has all the power to score 280 runs in a day.