Lok Sabha Elections / Tej Pratap Yadav refuses to recognize JP Nadda, targets PM and BJP

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 17, 2024, 09:45 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: Former Bihar government minister and RJD leader Tej Pratap Yadav has given his reaction on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's road show. During this, he has targeted PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. At the same time, in response to a question, RJD supremo Lalu Yadav's elder son Tej Pratap refused to recognize BJP national president JP Nadda. Speaking at PM Modi's roadshow in Patna on Sunday, Tej Pratap Yadav said that it does not matter whether the PM comes or his father comes. He said that I.N.D.I.A. The alliance is completely intact and the grand alliance is going to win.

‘Amit Shah will know when the results come’

Responding to the statement made by Union Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh about the Gandhi family absconding after the Lok Sabha elections, he said that who has absconded and who has not, is visible in front. He said that Modi ji came and absconded from Bihar, when Amit Shah comes he also absconds. Let us tell you that Giriraj Singh, while targeting the Gandhi family, had said that the Gandhi family will abscond after the elections. Amit Shah, who had won 270 seats till the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections, said on the claim that he will know when the results come.

Tej Pratap came into controversy by pushing a worker

On the question related to BJP President JP Nadda, Tej Pratap said, 'Who is JP Nadda, we do not know.' Let us tell you that Tej Pratap had recently come into controversy for pushing an RJD leader. However, the RJD leader had given clarification in this matter and said, 'I want to tell those people who are making one of my videos viral that there are two sides to the coin. On one side you all saw it, on the other side what happened was that candidate Dr. Misa Bharti and my mother were together. Someone came between the two, whom I pushed aside.

‘Suddenly forced to sideline him’

Tej Pratap had further written, 'My hand is already injured, I felt helpless pain while pushing him to move forward. To save myself, I was suddenly forced to move them aside. It has never been my intention to hurt anyone. Janata Malik is paramount for me, public respect is our duty.' Actually, after the nomination of Misa Bharti, a meeting was organized at Shri Krishna Memorial Hall. Meanwhile, Tej Pratap Yadav was seen pushing a party leader on the stage. However, soon after this Misa was seen taking care of her brother.