World / The farmer inadvertently made a mistake and changed the border of two countries

Zoom News : May 07, 2021, 07:25 AM
Farmers are often busy with their work. A French farmer did something that not only became a matter of discussion around the world, but his work also changed the boundaries of the two countries. The surprising thing is that the farmer could not even find out about this.

Indeed, according to a CNN report, the case is from the France-Belgian border and a Belgian farmer made the mistake. There was a stone in the way of this Belgian farmer, the farmer moved the stone away from there. Whereas this stone turned out to be the boundary that set the boundaries of France and Belgium.

The area where the farmer moved the stone was French territory, that is, the farmer reduced the land of France and enlarged the land of Belgium. The farmer moved the stone about eight feet inward from its place.

The case was revealed when a local historian, walking in the forest, notices that the stone marking the border of the two countries has been moved. He also informed the officials. After this, there was a gathering of officers there.

According to the report, it is being told that this Belgian farmer took this decision because this stone came in the way of his tractor. Because of this, he was often angry about this stone and eventually removed it from his path.

After the incident which was discussed worldwide, the official statement of both the countries also came to light. David Lavaux, Mayor of Erquelines, a local place in Belgium, smilingly pointed out that the farmer made Belgium big and France small. This is not a good idea. I was happy because my city had grown up.

On the other hand, the local mayor of France said that we will be able to avoid a new border war and will soon find a solution to this matter, although according to the report, the local authorities of Belgium plan to tell the farmer that he will give that stone to his Keep it in the old place.

Belgian local officials also said that if the farmer did not listen, action could be taken against him. At the same time, the matter may also go to the Belgian Foreign Ministry, which will have to summon the Franco-Belgian Border Commission lying inactive since 1930.

Explain that there is a border of about 620 kilometers between the two countries. The limit was set in 1820 after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. The stone removed by the farmer was established in 1819.