Uttarakhand / The husband entered the room even after beating his heart, threw acid on the wife sitting alone - admitted to the hospital

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 27, 2022, 09:23 PM
UK: After a quarrel between husband and wife, the husband poured acid on the wife, due to which the wife was seriously injured. The woman was rushed to the hospital by the family members. Canter driver Naseem, resident of Mohalla Khatadi Untpadav Tila, had a dispute with his 23-year-old wife Ashiya on Monday afternoon.

The dispute escalated so much that both of them got into a fight. The woman suffered a head injury during the beating. After the assault, the woman reached the house of her uncle sister Nazreen with one and a half year old son Hussain and three year old son Maira. The woman's sister Nazreen told that Naseem came to her house around six o'clock in the evening. He

Asked about Ashiya and went to the room. Ashiya was alone in the room and the children were playing outside. Naseem poured acid on Ashiya's face and fled. On information, Kotwal Arun Kumar Saini and SI Manoj Adhikari reached the hospital with the police force.

After that also reached the spot and took information about the matter from the relatives and local residents. An acid vial was also recovered from the spot. Naib Tehsildar Dayal Chandra Mishra, who reached the hospital, recorded the statement of the woman. Kotwal Arun Kumar Saini told that the matter is being investigated. No complaint has been given by the family members of the injured woman. On receipt of Tahrir, a case will be registered against the accused. Along with this, the search for the accused has also started.