Shameful / The man left the cobra snake on the sleeping disabled wife the court sentenced the husband to life imprisonment

Zoom News : Oct 16, 2021, 02:10 PM
In Kerala, a man put his wife to death by biting her with a cobra. During the hearing in the court, the man told that he had bought two cobras to cut his wife. This case is from Kollam in Kerala, where a woman died of a so-called cobra bite, later it was found that the cobra was left by her husband.

According to the allegation, it was Suraj who got his wife Uthra bitten by a cobra to kill him, before which the accused Suraj had also given sleeping pills to his wife. When this matter was investigated, it came to light that Suraj had bought cobras twice from the snake catcher. He had tried to kill his wife once before by getting bitten by a snake.

The snake charmer, who became a government witness, has confessed to selling snakes to Suraj. Accused Suraj has been facing several charges including domestic violence, murder and attempt to kill. The court has convicted Suraj under sections 302, 307, 328 and 201. According to the police, the real motive behind the crime was money.