Special / When this boy started dancing with the king cobra, picked up the snake in his hand and then

Zoom News : Sep 27, 2022, 10:33 PM
Social Media Viral: Many strange videos are posted on social media. But surely you have never seen such a dangerous video. You must have heard the saying 'Life in Danger', this video gives proof of this proverb. The boy seen in this video not only kept his life but also the poisonous snake on his palm.

hand picked cobra

In this video, a boy can be seen sitting in front of the cobra. The very next moment the boy starts trying to catch the King of Snakes. To know what happened after this, first of all you must also watch this video which is going viral on social media.

started dancing with snake

It can be seen further in this video that the boy holds the snake in his hands and starts dancing with it. Many people can get goosebumps after watching this video. Not only this, many people even called the boy crazy. Although the King Cobra did not harm the boy in any way, but at any moment the boy could be a victim of the anger of the snake and his work could also be done.