China Taiwan Conflict / The sound of war, whom will America support? Taiwan also made preparations

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 26, 2024, 08:08 AM
China Taiwan Conflict: China is conducting military drills inside the maritime border of Taiwan. Taiwan says that this is a provocative action by Dragon. Meanwhile, tension is increasing in the Taiwan Strait. This exercise, which started on Thursday morning, has created a stir not only between China and Taiwan but also in the entire world. However, Taiwan has also made preparations for war. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it has sent marine, air and ground forces to respond to China's exercises. The world is also seeing this exercise of China as a new war.

But it does not seem that Taiwan is scared by this action of China. Taiwan said that it is keeping a close watch on all Chinese fighter planes and naval ships coming towards the country. According to reports, Taiwan has detected 49 Chinese aircraft, 19 warships and seven coast guard ships. The Taiwan government also made it clear that it is capable of protecting its country. He accused China of unilateral military provocation and endangering democracy and freedom.

Are the people of Taiwan scared?

On one hand, there is a fear that China may attack Taiwan or a war may break out between the two countries. On the other hand, life is going on normally in Taiwan. It seems as if the approximately 23 million people of Taiwan have become accustomed to China's military threat. There is no fear of China among the local people. People say that even if the Chinese Communist Party attacks Taiwan, they will not be able to capture our country. Taiwanese are not afraid of war.

Who will America support?

Everyone keeps an eye on what America's role will be in any war. If this war happens, whose side will America support? Let us tell you that America maintains very good relations with Taiwan. America is also obliged to provide its defense assistance to Taiwan. Even though America accepts Beijing's position that Taiwan is part of China. But it has never supported or accepted the Chinese Communist Party's claim on the island.

Why is China taking action?

What is the reason behind China suddenly being aggressive on Taiwan and putting pressure on it? Let us tell you that just a few days ago, the new President William Lai Ching-te was sworn in in Taiwan. Right after the oath, he was seen giving his strong reaction on China. He warned China that any kind of separatist activities for Taiwan's independence will never be tolerated. Perhaps this is the reason why China has responded with this military action.