China Taiwan Conflict / China has surrounded Taiwan and is preparing for war, can the attack start at any time?

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 24, 2024, 12:30 PM
China Taiwan Conflict: Taiwan said dozens of Chinese warplanes and naval vessels were spotted off its coast on Friday, the second day of massive Chinese military exercises. The Defense Ministry said it had detected 49 warplanes and 19 naval vessels as well as Chinese coast guard vessels. 35 aircraft flew over the Taiwan Strait in a 24-hour period from Thursday to Friday. This is the actual border between the two sides. 

'We are facing dangers' 

Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te visited a naval base in Taoyuan, south of the capital Taipei, on Thursday and told sailors and top security officials, "We are facing external challenges and threats. We will maintain the values of freedom and democracy. 

'Taiwan is an independent sovereign nation'

Earlier, in his inaugural speech on Monday, President Lai Ching-te had said that Taiwan is "an independent sovereign nation in which sovereignty rests in the hands of the people." He also asked Beijing to stop its military threats. At the same time, China's military said that its two-day exercise around Taiwan is a punishment for separatist forces seeking independence. 

'Taiwan is part of China'

"Taiwan's leader challenged the one-China principle as soon as he took office," Chen Binhua, spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office, said in a statement Thursday night. According to the 'one-China principle', China is only one country. And Taiwan is also a part of China under the rule of the Communist Party. China believes that Taiwan should be united with the mainland even if it means using force.