China Taiwan Tension / Is China preparing to capture Taiwan? This move of 'Dragon' may lead to war

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 23, 2024, 09:30 PM
China Taiwan Tension: The whole world is aware of the tension between China and Taiwan. As soon as anti-China leader William Lai Ching-te became the President, China on Thursday started maneuvers by surrounding Taiwan from all sides. This is the first time that China is conducting such large-scale maneuvers against Taiwan. Before the presidential elections held in Taiwan, China had called Lai Ching-te a separatist, and also warned the people of Taiwan to choose the right option if they want to avoid military conflict.

Chinese warships and aircraft included in the maneuvers

Despite China's threat, anti-Chinese leader Lai Ching-te won in Taiwan. After his oath, Chinese Army spokesperson Colonel Li Xi had said that the Taiwanese would be punished for this. Xi had said that China's army, navy and air force would respond to separatists promoting Taiwan independence through joint exercises. Fighter aircraft and several naval warships are involved in this exercise of China.

Taiwan's army is on alert

Taiwan has condemned China's maneuvers as 'irrational provocation'. Meanwhile, Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te has asked China to stop military exercises. Lai has appealed to China to stop its anger and try to maintain peace in the entire area. According to Lai, the islands near which the exercise is taking place belong to Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan's army has also been put on alert.

War of words between China and Taiwan

Meanwhile, let us also tell here that after becoming the President, Lai Ching-te had said in his first address that Taiwan is an independent country. Taiwan can do anything to maintain its sovereignty. He had said that the Taiwan government will not make any compromise regarding its democracy and independence. After this, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi retaliated against Taiwan. He had said that Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te and his associates have betrayed not only the country but also our ancestors with their actions. Wang Yi also said that no one can stop us from merging Taiwan with China. He will definitely be found in his motherland.