IND vs PAK / The trouble that came from New York on the Indo-Pak match will spoil the fun, everyone will keep watching

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 09, 2024, 10:00 AM
IND vs PAK: The long wait of cricket fans of India and Pakistan living in America for the last several years is going to end because the biggest rivalry of cricket will be seen for the first time in that part of the world and that day has come. The biggest match of T20 World Cup 2024 is to be played at Naso County Stadium in New York on Sunday 9th June. There is a lot of excitement for this match between India and Pakistan and this excitement is not only among American immigrants but also among cricket fans all over the world. Now if someone puts water on this enthusiasm and thrill, then all the fun will be ruined. Just something like this can happen in this match and the wait of the fans can go on.

There is tremendous preparation at Naso County Stadium in New York for this match of Group-A. The crowd of fans is certain, the security is also tremendous and both the teams are also ready. This match is going to be very important because Pakistan needs to win at all costs, otherwise it may be difficult for them to move forward. Team India also needs to win this match so that they can reach the next round without any trouble.

Naso County's weather will be a cheat

All these arrangements, all these hopes and excitement can go waste. In the true sense, water and no security will be able to stop it. Naso County's weather is something that is not giving good news. It is estimated that on June 9, the weather in Naso County will not be good in the morning and there is a possibility of rain. According to the weather forecast, there are about 61 percent chances of rain in the morning in Naso County. Now in India, the match will be shown from 8 pm but in America, this match will start from 10.30 am according to their time. In such a situation, if it rains in the morning, then the match is bound to be interrupted.

The biggest challenge is that the drainage system in this stadium is not world class because it is just a temporary stadium. In such a situation, there will be doubts on whether there will be so many facilities here and whether it will be made playable in such a short time. Let us remind you that if the match is completely washed out, then it will be canceled because there is no rule of reserve day in league stage matches. In such a situation, fans may have to face complete disappointment.

Who will benefit?

Now if this happens, who will benefit? Well, both the teams will benefit a little bit. Pakistan will benefit more here because at least its account will be opened. Otherwise, the kind of form Pakistan and India are in, there is no hope of Pakistan winning. If it gets 1 point, then it can make it to the Super-8 by defeating Canada and Ireland in the next 2 matches. As far as Team India is concerned, it will not make much difference to it because after this Team India will face America and Canada and winning there will not be much difficult for them.