Science / The unique giant arc of Galaxies spread over 3.3 billion light years in the universe, may change the old theory

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2021, 09:16 AM
England: Scientists have discovered a unique shape more than 9 billion light-years from Earth. This arc-like shape spans 3.3 billion light-years. After this, the discussion about space has started, what does it look like. Cosmologist Alexia Lopez, who discovered it, says that after this discovery there can be a lot of change in the things that we knew about space till now.

theory will change

There is a theory about the universe that whatever part of it can be seen, the rest will be the same. That is, the pattern which is seen in one part, the whole universe will also be filled with the same pattern. Alexia says, 'Usually the limit of a shape is considered to be at most 1.2 billion light-years, but this giant arc we found is about 3 times bigger than this. In such a situation, due to the meeting of this arc, questions have been raised on this theory, what will be the limit of the pattern in the universe. At the same time, Subir Sarkar, an astrophysicist at Oxford University, who studies the large structures of the Universe, says, 'If this arc is really there, then it is a big discovery.'

studied the light of 40 thousand quasars

The discovery was made by Alexia Lopez, PhD student at the University of Central Lincolnshire's Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, and advisor Roger Close, along with Gerard Williser of the University of Louisville, with the help of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. For this, researchers studied the light of 40 thousand quasars. Quasars are distant galaxies that emit large amounts of energy and light. Alexia says that the quasar acts like a giant lamp. He has told that the spectra made from these quasars can be studied with the help of telescope.