Sandeshkhali Case / The women of Sandeshkhali finally met PM Modi! Made serious allegations against Bengal Police

Vikrant Shekhawat : Mar 06, 2024, 07:20 PM
Sandeshkhali Case: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to West Bengal on Wednesday. PM Modi has held a rally in Barasat area here and has fiercely targeted the state CM Mamata Banerjee. Since morning there was talk that PM Modi will also meet the women victims of Sandeshkhali here. However, the women of Sandeshkhali have accused the Bengal Police of stopping them. He has said that the police stopped him even before he reached the PM's rally ground. However, while coming down from the stage after the address, Prime Minister Modi met 5 women of Sandeshkhali.

PM heard the pain of women

PM Modi met the women victims of Sandeshkhali in Barasat and also talked to them. The women of Sandeshkhali presented their ordeal to the PM and the PM listened to them patiently like a father figure. The victimized women were very emotional that the PM understood their pain.

What did the women of Sandeshkhali say?

The women of Sandeshkhali reached Barasat and made many allegations against the Bengal Police. The women said that we were stopped by the police. The women informed during the conversation that we were stopped even before reaching the ground. The women told that our buses were stopped at various places.

Eclipse of TMC name on Bengal- PM Modi

In the Barasat rally, PM Modi lashed out at Mamata Banerjee's government. He said that Bengal is under the influence of TMC. He is not allowing the development of this state to move forward. Therefore, all of you sisters have to defeat the Indi alliance and make lotus bloom in every corner of the country. India's women power is a strong pillar of developed India. The BJP government has worked continuously in the last 10 years to increase the economic power of India's women power.

TMC trusts its tyrannical leader – PM Modi

In the Barasat rally, PM Modi said that the TMC government has faith in its tyrannical leader and does not have faith in the Bengali sisters and daughters. The women of Bengal and the women of the country are angry with this behaviour. This wave of anger of women power is not going to be limited to Sandeshkhali. The sin of atrocities on women power has been committed on this very land under TMC rule. The PM said that whatever happened in Sandeshkhali would make anyone's heart bow with shame.