Science / The world got the fifth ocean, the name is Southern Ocean

Zoom News : Jun 17, 2021, 06:41 AM
Eventually the earth has got his fifth ocean. It means that the ocean was already there but it has now got the recognition of the Fifth Ocean. This recognition has given the National Geographic Society. The name of the fifth ocean is Southern Ocean. This is in Antarctica. Earlier there were four oceans on earth ... Antlantic, Pacific, Hind and Arctic Ocean.

The water in the Fifth Ocean i.e. Southern Oysson is quite cold. Because here are just snapy rocks, iceberg and glacier. On June 8, the National Geographic Society (NGS) has recognized the fifth ocean on the World Ocean Day. NGS official geographer Alex Tate explains that for many years, scientists were not recognizing the Southern Ocean, there was no agreement at international level. Therefore, we were officially unable to keep in the category of the ocean.

Alex Tate said that its biggest impact will be on the Education Sector. Students will gain new information about Southern Ocean. It will also be recognized in all countries. It will be included in the geography and science books of different countries. Its specialty and weather will be taught. Antarctica was also included in the map in 1915. But NGS later binded four oceans in boundaries. Those who were named on the basis of the limitations of the continents.

But in reverse, Southern Ocean will not be called in the name of a continent. Because it is surrounded by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), which flows from the West. Scientists said that the ACC was constructed 3.4 million years ago, when Antarctica was separated from South America. This water remains flowing in the bottom of the world.

In today's time the ACC water flows in the world's oceans. It surrounds the entire Antarctica. It says Drake Passage (Drake Passage). Here the Scotia Sea (SCOTA SEA) says. It is between South America's Cape Horn and Antarctica Peninsula. Therefore, the more water flows in the ACC, it is the Southern Ocean. The water here is more cold and less salt than the water of the oceans.

ACC work of a global conveyor belt by pulling water from Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It reduces the heat of the earth. Because of this, the cold water deposits carbon in the depths of sea. For this reason thousands of sea species prefer to live in the water. The names of the oceans have been named after the continents. They are divided into four parts.

Southern Ocean was first discovered by Spanish investigative Vasco Nunez de Balboa (Vasco Nunez de Balboa) in the 16th century. He also told the international importance of this ocean. Because it is internationally marine trade. Discover. By the 19th century many countries made the ocean map by creating hydrographic authenticity. About Southern Ocean was mentioned in International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in 1921.

In the Ice Press 2015, the book Southern Ocean: Oshianographers Perspective said that by 1953 no country was not ready to give the name of the ocean. Because a country was not ready to give its justification. The US Board on Geighic Names started the official experiment of this word in 1999. The scientist of the world used to call it only.

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) started using the word Southern Ocean in 1999 in its report. After all, where did the word Ocean come from? It starts in the name of Oceanus (Oceanus) god of Greece's rivers. They have been told the son of Uranus and Gaiya. And these were the husbands of Tethys (Tethys) writing to the earth. People were taught and told that there are seven seas. But now this thing is old. Because there is no history of the origin of this word. There is mention of different seas in Greek, Roman, Arab, Hindu, Parsi and ancient history of China. There is no seven ocean normal in anyone. Many have such oceans in which there is no existence on earth. These are just in mythological stories.