Special / The world's richest dog is the owner of 655 crores, from car to servant

Zoom News : Feb 01, 2023, 11:08 PM
Richest Dog in the World: There are many people who love animals, but have you heard of any such dog which has wealth of billions. There should be big cars, palace like houses. Be servants. His richness is so much that now a film has also been made on him. So let us tell you that his name is Gunther VI. Its total assets are said to be Rs 655 crore. It lives in Italy and is looked after by many servants.

According to the Daily Star report, this dog of German Shepherd species is living a life of luxury in the former house of pop star Madonna and lives a celebrity life. But till now its life had remained a mystery. People did not know much about it. Now a documentary on his life titled 'Gunther Millions' is going to be released on Netflix. In this, the veil has been removed from many mysteries related to the life of Gunther VI. It will be told from where this dog earned so much wealth. How did its life become so glamorous?

shocking story

Film director Aurelien Letergy said that this is a really shocking story which seems very big. It seemed strange how a dog could be so rich. Can live such a lifestyle. We saw a lot of news but could not get complete information about how his lifestyle was actually. That's why we ourselves were curious. Know about him yourself and tell the whole world. Till date no one had got as much access as we are getting for the film.

inherited wealth

The documentary states that the dog inherited its wealth from the German Countess Carlota Liebenstein. Leibenstein's son, whose name was Gunther, had committed suicide. The woman had no heir. That's why she created a trust before her death in 1992 and left property worth more than 6.5 billion rupees for her beloved dog. Not only this, the dog named Gunther III, the grandfather of Gunther VI, was kept in the care of Maurizio Mian, a close friend of the woman's dead son.

no evidence whether female or not

Let us tell you that Gunther VI is also the owner of an Italian pharmaceutical company. Along with him the heir of a very vast empire. However, it is said in the documentary that there is no evidence that a woman named Countess ever existed. Not only this, there can be more than one Gunther. Aurelien Letergi said that evidence has been found of Maurizio Mian's existence and it is a very interesting story.