Rapper Migos Death / This 28-year-old singer was brutally shot dead, a fight broke out during the game

Zoom News : Nov 02, 2022, 09:06 AM
Rapper Migos Murder: After the death of Sidhu Musewala, the music industry has once again suffered a major setback. Hollywood rapper Takeoff was shot dead at the age of 28. At the time of the accident, rapper Takeoff was bowling in Houston with two of his teammates. Both his companions were also seriously injured in the firing. The takeoff died on the spot. Both his companions are currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

After the death of Migos' third member rapper Takeoff, his fans and wellwishers are mourning on social media. Boxer Chris Ubanks Jr., paying tribute to the rapper's death, wrote on social media, 'I remember how grounded the takeoffs were. Was quite a cool dude. I can't believe that I am writing this. Another Black Star was shot and killed for no reason. Things really need to change in the industry.

who was the rapper takeoff

Takeoff was born in 1994 in Georgia. He started rapping with Offset and Kuavo. One of the two is uncle of takeoff and the other is his cousin brother. The name of his club is Polo Club. The trio started the club in the year 2008. In the year 2011, all three released Jug Season. Then debuted in the industry by making Migos Mixtape. Takeoff made many songs with his teammates. Fans like the songs of popular Migos all over the world. Shortly before the incident, a new song from Takeoff was released.