News / This is Not Fake News, Tim Cook Really is Now Tim Apple on Twitter

News18 : Mar 08, 2019, 11:02 AM
Tim Cook is in on the joke. The CEO of Apple has craftily changed his name to Tim Apple on social network Twitter. This immediately after US President Donald Trump, perhaps absent minded, referred to him as Tim Apple at meeting of American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. Tim Cook has gone ahead & changed him name to Tim with the Apple logo, which is perhaps very smart response to being called Tim Apple by president.

In case you don’t see the Apple logo on your phone or computer, that could be because the Apple logo emoticon isn’t classified as a Unicode symbol, and is visible on only on Apple’s own devices—the iOS powered iPhones and iPads and the macOS based Mac computing devices. If you view Tim Cook’s (Oh wait, it is Tim Apple) Twitter profile on an Android phone or a Windows computer, you may only see a square that is crossed out.