Special / Through Palmistry Hast Rekha Vigyan check money and popularity status

Zoom News : Jun 09, 2021, 02:13 PM
New Delhi: Most of the people are interested in the palm lines and their future through them. In that too, the most curiosity is to know whether he will become rich or not, or how will his financial condition be for the rest of his life. Today we know about the shapes and lines of the palm that make a person a millionaire.

These lines-shapes make millionaires

If Guru, Venus, Mercury and Moon are raised in the palm, then it is called Rajalakshmi Yoga. Those who have this yoga in their hands, they are hardworking and also lucky. He gets all the happiness, wealth, vehicle etc.

If there is a sign of a turtle at any place in the palm, then it suddenly makes a person rich.

The sign of Swastika made anywhere in the palm makes a person lucky. Such people are very successful and famous. The symbol of Swastika is considered very auspicious in Sanatan Dharma.

- Mount of Mercury in the palm and white mole on the head line, clear, straight or completely disappearing fate line also makes a person a millionaire. This yoga is called crorepati yoga.

If any mountain is raised in the palm and any line on it is clear, clear and uncut, it is an indicator of daily yoga. Such people are talented and earn a lot of money by hard work.

If a straight and clear line from the fate line goes to the mount of Sun, then it is called Bhagya Yoga. Such people live in complete happiness and opulence.

If there is a mark of a chakra on the mount of Shani, then it creates Chakra Yoga. Such people get a high position or become the owner of big property.

If the fate line in both the palms goes from the wrist to the mount of Saturn, then it is Gajalakshmi Yoga. Such people are usually born in a simple family, but along with becoming the owner of a lot of wealth and property, they are also very famous.