Lok Sabha Election / Today PM Modi will meet BJP's 'Bhishma Pitamah', took special time out from the road show

Zoom News : Apr 12, 2024, 09:21 AM
Lok Sabha Election: Dausa Lok Sabha seat of Rajasthan is currently in the headlines. Due to this, leaders of both the parties, be it BJP or Congress, are trying hard to register victory from here. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a road show in favor of Kanhaiya Lal Meena for Dausa Lok Sabha seat on April 12. The special thing is that during the road show to be held on Friday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet BJP's Bhishma Pitamah and the oldest party leader Govardhan Lal Badhera. Govardhan Lal had expressed his desire to meet PM Modi and his wish is going to be fulfilled.

Will gift a special urn to the Prime Minister

95 year old Govardhan Lal Badhera said that he is eager to meet PM Modi. He said, "I am feeling good. I want to tell Modi that the country's work should be done." He further said, "May your glory remain immortal mother, may we not remain for the day." Govardhan Lal Badhera further said that he will gift a special Kalash to PM Modi during the meeting. Govardhan Lal has also taken forward PM Modi's slogan 'This time we cross 400'.

Who is Govardhan Lal Badhera?

If we talk about Govardhan Lal Badhera, he has been a primary member of BJP. It was during this time that Jan Sangh was born, which later came to be known as BJP. Since the time of Jan Sangh, this BJP leader has established the identity of Bhishma Pitamah for the party in Dausa. However, being away from active politics, this leader never had any kind of expectation from the party, the result of which is that the party also did not give him a chance to enter active politics. Now he wants that by making 'This time, BJP 400' successful, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take over the reins of power of the country for the third consecutive time.

Govardhan Badhera is in his last stages of age.

Let us tell you that even today, every big and small BJP leader coming to Dausa definitely meets this Bhishma Pitamah. His visit to Dausa is considered meaningful only when he meets 95 year old Govardhan Lal Badhera. Coming to the last stage of his age, he has expressed his desire to meet Prime Minister Modi during his road show. He says that now he has no desires left.

Went to jail several times during Jan Sangh period

Govardhan Lal Badhera is a leader who has visited jail several times during the time of Jan Sangh and has played an active role in taking the party forward as a true soldier of BJP. Now the thing to be seen today during the Prime Minister's road show will be that when Modi's road show will pass by the establishment of Govardhan Lal Badhera, Modi will also fulfill his wish of the last stage of his life while maintaining the tradition of BJP.